Crucial Clues Your Concrete Structures Require Urgent Concrete Service

Unseen Dangers: When Your Sturdy Structures Might Not Be So Steadfast

Profound and long-lasting, concrete forms an essential part of civilization’s edifices. From skyscrapers to humble dwellings, we rely on this incredibly sturdy material to hold up our world. But like any formidable matter, concrete can also fall into decay if not properly cared for. Yet, how do you discern if you need a concrete service? Let’s dig into some telltale signs.

Cracks in The Surface

Perhaps the most evident sign that your concrete structures require professional attention is surface cracking. These cracks often start small but can expand over time, leading to structural instability. What you need to remember is that all crack types – web-like crazing, joint cracks, or deep ruptures – should never be dismissed as they could indicate serious underlying issues.

Pooling Water Indicates Trouble

Concrete should repel water by nature; after all, it’s a hard-wearing material designed for robust use. However, if you notice puddles forming upon its surface after a rainstorm instead of water easily running off, then this could well be a sign of mischief afoot with your concrete structures. A reputable professional can assess the situation and address these potential draining problems promptly.

Spalling Reveals Hidden Weaknesses

Spalling occurs when there are visible chips or fragments coming off from the concretes’ surface – another unmistakable cautionary indication! This issue typically happens due to freeze-thaw cycles, which cause moisture trapped inside the material to expand and contract, therefore causing damage. Don’t ignore superficial flaws, as they may eventually lead to significant concrete defects.

Discoloration Suggests Age or Decay

While not an immediate threat like cracks or spalling might be, the discoloration can still suggest something amiss. Concrete can change color over time due to various reasons, including weathering, uneven drying, or issues with original mixtures. It’s a subtler suggestion that professional evaluation for your concrete structures might be prudent.

Not paying heed to these warnings could lead to more significant problems – from property damage to potential safety risks. That’s why at Casas Construction and Landscaping we’re staunch believers in regular maintenance and routine check-ups for your concrete structures. Need an expert concrete service in Huntersville, NC? Give us a call today (980) 301-8697. Keep disregards at bay; let’s fortify your future together.